Now What?


RE: Angela Merkel's epiphany.

So, finally, a Western politician publicly acknowledges the obvious -- what the majority of the long-suffering electorate, who never asked, never wanted, and was never given the opportunity to vote on the issue of multiculturalism, has known for decades.

Very well, then. But if multiculturalism has 'utterly failed', Who will now compensate German -- and for that matter, European -- citizens for the damage that was done to European societies while this ridiculous social experiment was pursued by a tiny clique of politicans, mediacrats, and Left-wing intellectuals? Who will now clean up the mess?

Of course, no one. After all the colossal sums of money wasted in promoting multiculturalism, subsidising its malfunctioning, and patching up the consequences of its malfunctioning; after all the grief caused by this nefarious policy; after all that, the legacy remains.

And it remains because Merkel, not too unlike Gordon Brown once did before her, now talks about 'integration' and having immigrants learn German. But wasn't integration, or assimilation, the approach that existed prior to multiculturalism? And was that not also found lacking? It's worth asking, because had either approach been successful, a change would not have been felt necessary.