Génération Identitaire's 'War' Takes Shape


After my earlier article about them, I am particularly pleased to report that Génération Identitaire are not just some feelgood Facebook group, but are also prepared to take strong action for what they believe in. News is emerging from France – via the internet, not the mainstream media – that a group of around 60 to 100 GI members have occupied the Great Mosque of Poitiers, a building that is apparently unfinished, and are calling for a national referendum on immigration and mosque building. Here is a rough translation of part of the group's press release:

"One hundred young boys and girls from all over France have just entered the future Great Mosque of Poitiers and occupied it from the rooftops. On the facade facing the minaret, we have unfolded a banner with the clear message: 'Immigration, building mosques REFERENDUM!' With this first major action, Generation Identity intends to stand at the forefront of the struggle for our identity. It is almost 1300 years since Charles Martel stopped the Arabs at Poitiers after a heroic battle that saved our country from the Muslim invasion. It was on the 25th of October, 732. Today, in 2012 the choice is the same: live free or die. Our generation refuses to see our people and its identity taken away in indifference. With this symbol of our past and the courage of our ancestors, we call upon their memory and fight!"