Everything Is Now Fine

I couldn't help being reminded of this excellent sketch by comedy duo Mitchell & Webb after a quick visit to the BBC website to see how the news of the riot protesting against paedophile Muslim gangs was playing out on Britain's politically correct state broadcaster. I was not disappointed.

While the BNP website was reporting "running battles" between "300 local anti-grooming protesters" and police and Muslim taxi-drivers, all connected to the issue of the 'grooming' of underage White girls by Muslim gangs, the BBC had miraculously reduced it to an attack on a takeaway restaurant by "gangs of youth," as if it were a tiff about being overcharged for a doner kebab or mere youthful exuberance.

The BBC's headline, "ROCHDALE TAKEAWAY ATTACKED AS YOUTHS CLASH WITH POLICE," also looked rather foolish in the light of the fact that one of the two men arrested had a reported age of 35, quite possibly the father of a girl who had been a victim of the grooming gangs, which typically use drink, drugs, and threats of violence to groom, gang-rape, then prostitute young White girls.

Tensions over this issue are high at the moment due to yet another grooming and rape trial, in which a gang of Muslim men are accused of 'sharing' English girls as young as 13. The BBC clearly knew the context of the riot - their report refers to youths shouting "EDL" (English Defence League) - yet they fail to mention this. No doubt the mention of the EDL was thrown in to create a feeling of 'moral equivalence' along the lines of: (Muslim gangs rape our kids) = (nasty racist chanting). 

Various 'triviliaties' are also mentioned in the report. These are clearly designed to downplay the incident and its racial aspects as much as possible. Among the trivia we learn that there is such a person as Mr. Zeeshan Khokar, who is 23 and owns the "Bits n Pizza" takeaway, and had been verbally abused, before "white friends" came to his shop to protect him. Nice!

A policeman inspector, reassuringly described here as a "neighbourhood police inspector" was also quoted as saying: "There were a number of young children out yesterday evening and I would like to ask that their parents are conscious of this in the coming days and weeks." Whether he was referring to the dangers they face from rioting 'youths of 35' or Muslim paedophiles, was unstated. And people wonder why British comedy is so great!