Declaring War on the Internet

Ooops! I just knew you were going to read that wrong. Maybe I should have used a hyphen or italics, as in “Declaring War! – on the Internet,” because this is what this video attempts to do. Unfortunately, as with most declarations of war these days, it’s not really clear who or what war is being declared on, although inference allows each and every one of us to build up our own unique pictures. There is also considerable doubt about what the ‘weapons’ to be used in this upcoming blitzkrieg will be, although it might possibly involve something as deadly as a Facebook group.

This is how policies of last-gasp racial and cultural survival are peddled these days: very, very softly, with almost no detail, an appeal to a nebulous sense of dissatisfaction, with swelling music, and the implication that it’s all rather cool and trendy. In order to mobilize the youth of France, it is also very important to let them know – up front of all the other stuff – that body piercings and stubble are absolutely no problem and are in fact welcomed, along with the slightly lesser issue of the salvation of France.

It is no accident that the style of the video is close-cropped face shots. This not only helps to convey emotion – and it’s all about emotion – but it also helps to avoid the note of absurdity that might have been introduced by showing the cross section of hairstyles grown by the average group of disaffected French youth.