David Cameron's Coming Debacle

Gordon Brown has resigned the prime ministership without ever serving a full term or winning a national election as leader of his party. It's likely his successor, David Cameron, will fare no better -- and for reasons that go beyond his lackluster victory and soon-to-be-gridlocked coalition with the Liberal Democrats. As a British friend writes via email,

Personally, if I were in Tory leader David Cameron's shoes, I would thank my lucky stars that I did not have to take office and impose an austerity budget of unprecedented severity on a populace not exactly enured to hardship. I would seek to manoeuvre the Liberals into a coalition with Labour, so that they can reap the odium that will follow. Such however is Cameron's vanity and his unbridled desire for office at any price that he will rush in where others might fear to tread.

Unable to take on more debt, or print more money that anyone would want to hold on to, Britain looks to be next on the sovereign-debt-crisis hit list.