BNP Implosion?


The British National Party has the most popular website of any of the parties by far. During the past European elections, its traffic went through the roof.

Now this:

Earlier The Times revealed that the head of the party’s online operation had resigned, taking its website down with him. Simon Bennett directed BNP traffic to his personal site, which contained a diatribe against Nick Griffin, the BNP leader, and other senior figures. A day before the election, Mr Bennett, 41, depicted an amateur operation and an organisation that, he claimed, wasted membership fees and donations. He accused Mr Griffin and James Dowson, the BNP election fundraiser, of being “pathetic, desperate and incompetent”.

It is understood that Mr Bennett took the website down briefly on Tuesday afternoon. It was reactivated quickly, but his comments had already gone viral on a number of websites.

Is it possible for any "far Right" movement not to self destruct? or, as a friend put it, to one day start pissing outwards and not inwards?

In other news, BNP candidate Bob Bailey went all Epic Beard Man on some "local youths" in Barking. Obviously, this might prove damaging to the party, and Bailey, knowing what the BBC could do with such footage, might have been better served by walking away...  But I must say, it's clear as day from the video that Bailey did not provoke the fight and only started throwing punches after he was spat upon by one of the Pakistanis.

And who knows -- despite the media's portrayal of Bailey as a thug, the sight of a politician who's actually willing to fight back might help the party?