District of Corruption

When They Smell Blood

We have recently witnessed how, thanks to the craven capitulation of editor and author of ‘Al Sharpton is Right’ Rich Lowry, the now former National Review columnist, John Derbyshire, is no longer among the dead.

And we have also witnessed how, in their inimitably self-righteous, prissy style, equality zealots in the pay of ideological ‘news’ sources have exploded with jubilation, spewing gleeful venom into rants about Derbyshire’s ‘racism’ and conservative ‘hate’. 

One could almost hear the corks shooting out from champagne bottles, drumming the neon tubes, formica, PVC, and suspended ceiling panels of the various Marxist propaganda offices across the Anglosphere, as the malodorous scribblers therein celebrated Rich Lowry’s meek obedience. For, having demonstrated—conclusively—that he is a yes-man, a man with a spine made out of milk, they knew that from now on they would be able to demand anything from him. After all, it only took a few hours and a bit of screeching on the internet for him to fire what many regarded was his best columnist.

Well, in case further proof was needed, it came within a few days, for Lowry has already had to comply with a second demand: Phi Beta Cons National Review contributor, Prof. Robert Weissberg, has now also been 'fired'. Lowry had to interrupt his evening at 9:19 on Tuesday to post a hastily written plea for mercy:

Unbeknowst to us, occasional Phi Beta Cons contributor Robert Weissberg (whose book was published a few years ago by Transaction) participated in an American Renaissance conference where he delivered a noxious talk about the future of white nationalism. He will no longer be posting here. Thanks to those who brought it to our attention.

This came less than 32 hours after a rant posted on Little Green Footballs about Weissberg’s contribution to the aforementioned American Renaissance conference, held in Nashville last month. The author of the piece relied heavily on a bad-tempered, moany screed by Leonard Zeskind, submitted by the latter to a tabloid-grade rag with a truly elastic conception of journalistic ethics, published by a former Communist Party member with a conviction and a history of libel.

It seems it is, in fact, Zeskind's ominous Institute for Research and Education in Human Rights (IREHR) that decides who is to represent 'respectable' conservatism in the National Review. Go back and take another look at Lowry's statement—you will see I have highlighted a word in red. Now read this exerpt from a diatribe by Devin Burghart, posted on the IREHR's website 12 hours before Lowry's ejection of Prof. Weissberg:

As his presentations at American Renaissance conferences demonstrate, the positions taken by Robert Weissberg are as noxious as those of Derbyshire. It will be interesting to see if Rich Lowry and the National Review see it the same.

What an unedifying spectacle.

One can hardly imagine a more emasculated existence nowadays than being editor of a conservative magazine. Note Lowry is so obsequious in his desire for toleration by more militant Lefties, that he even thanks them for tightening the screws.