District of Corruption

The Rudeness of the Czechs

After a lifetime of service to her nation (the fourth one), you would think that this poor, old, unidentified lady would be left in peace to enjoy her approaching twilight years of senility. All she wants is to knit some woollies, do an occasional book signing, collect porcelain knick knacks, and drink the blood of freshly slaughtered infants.

But the rude, nasty people of Prague insist on upsetting the poor old dear. Instead of buying her latest book of memoirs, in which she recounts tender, heart-to-heart meetings with her fellow blood-soaked psychos, Kim Jong-Il and Bibi Netanyahu, they insist she sign photos of people who would have eventually died anyway if the US Air Force hadn’t dropped bombs on them.

Visibly shook by the outburst of incivility, the poor old lady, who could very well be anyone’s grandmother, was so upset she stormed back to her hotel room to change her incontinence pants and boil a kitten.