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The End of Frum?


The American Enterprise Institute has apparently decided to cut its ties with David Frum, whose "letter of resignation" from the organization can be read here.

It's always a shock to see a neocon bastion turn on one of its own... but the truth is, over the past year and a half, Frum has been attempting to carve out a position that's as bizarre and inexplicable as it is unnecessary.

Operating in a conservative movement that's been consistently moving leftward, and consistently losing the culture war, Frum has become an "independent voice" for the worst possible issues. Frum's website extolled conservatives who support gay marriage, conservatives who believe in Global Warming -- and want to censor "deniers" -- conservatives who take offense at the unruliness of the Tea Parties and Glenn Beck.

I mean really, what's the point!?! Just give the GOP a few election cycles, and I'm sure you'll get what you want. And that Frum would bash the movement that (so stupidly) supported the neocons' preferred candidates all these years and preferred wars is the height of arrogance and ingratitude. 

Just this week, using a line of reasoning that I still fail to understand, Frum insisted that last Sunday marked the GOP's "Waterloo" because the party failed to negotiate with Obama and share power and perhaps earn the chance to ... I dunno ...  insert some nifty free-market solutions into the Obamacare bill?   

There was, of course, little to be gained by nipping around the edges of the massive bill whose salient feature is that it un-Constitutionally requires everyone to buy health insurance and health insurance companies to insure everyone. Moreover, all signs indicate that with this move, the GOP has endeared itself to both its base and independents, two groups that are rightfully scared of Obamacare.

Frum's latest dissent apparently was the last straw for AEI, which signaled to all, as if there were any doubt, that the neocon establishment is firmly attached to the GOP.

Is this the end of Frum? I'm tempted to use the analogy of cats always landing on their feet... but with the neocons, I think a better comparison would be to the proverbial cockroach that survives nuclear winter. So, no, I'm afraid that we haven't seen the last of David Frum.