District of Corruption

Something at CPAC That Doesn't Suck

My friend Kevin DeAnna, the founder of Youth for Western Civilization, is far too intelligent and cultured to be in the "conservative movement"; and the Beltway Right would consider itself blessed, if it had any taste, to have such a person in its midst, for Kevin is bringing programming to "CPAC," the mainstreamers annual gathering in Washington, DC, that is actually interesting and important. The grassroots might learn something this year, after getting their picture taken with Newt!  

Kevin and YWC are hosting the event "Will Immigration Kill the GOP?" The panelists include Bay Buchanan, Tom Tancredo, Virgil Goode, and, of course, Kevin DeAnna.

If Sam Francis were alive, his answer to the question, "Will Immigration Kill the GOP?" would be: "Well, I certainly hope so!"