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Senator Bennett Loses

Utah Senator Robert Bennett has lost the Republican Party nomination.  He finished in third place in the second round of voting behind Tim Bridgewater and Tea Party favorite Mike Lee.

I’ve been searching Bennett’s Wikipedia page to see where he may have angered his base.  According to the Politico “Bennett was dogged by his support for the Troubled Asset Relief Program and for co-sponsoring a healthcare bill with Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Oreg.).”  Could that be all?  Bennett supports a flat tax, blames government meddling for high health insurance prices, wants to build a fence with Mexico and takes the Bushian view of war and terrorism.   The bill he co-authored with Wyden, however, looks like universal healthcare. “Although he has voted in favor of expanding funding to women and minority-owned businesses, Bennett has generally rejected affirmative action proposals involving quotas.”  Does anybody vote against funding women and minority-owned businesses and thus oppose the whole diversity agenda?  

So how do the two remaining candidates compare?  On the first issue, immigration, it appears both of them want to seal the Mexican border, defeat any amnesty attempts and revoke birthright citizenship.  Good enough.  The second most important issue is opposing empire.  While neither is exactly Rand Paul here, Bridgewater uses phrases like “cut and run” and “war against international terrorists whose goals are to kill us and destroy our way of life” while Lee seems a bit saner recommending that we “[ask] the hard questions on strategy” and make sure soldiers have a “clear mission,” which I read as no nation building.  Both say they love the Constitution.  Bridgewater’s website looks a lot better, indicating that he’s more competent and would be a more effective champion of conservative values.  Then again, he has a Twitter page, on which he writes like a twelve year old girl.

Thx 4 all of the candidates in this race - good run! And thank you to the supporters of other candidates who voted 4 me too

This video shows that Lee is good on states’ rights but has no charisma.  

However this ends up, it's always fun to see incumbents lose, especially when they're warmongers.

Update: It looks like the Tea Party went after Bennett partly because he voted for the Wall Street bailout.