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Goodwin Liu -- Our Next Supreme Court Justice?

With Justice John Paul Stevens's announcement that he's going to retire, what was rumored and feared has now become inevitable -- Obama will get another Supreme Court nomination, his second in two years. I don't follow these things closely, but I've read that the odds are he'll choose Berkeley Law professor Goodwin Liu. Unlike Sotomayor, Liu has an extensive publications record and a high IQ; like Sonia Sotomayor, his nomination will please a key ethnic bloc in the Democratic coalition and his personal history (son of plucky immigrants who came to America for a dream etc. etc. etc.) will appeal to American sentimentality and deflect much criticism.

While Sotomayor was a fairly straight-forward ethno-advocate, Liu is something different -- a theorist of the "Living Constitution." In this clip from a discussion of the prospect of giving African-Americans reparations for slavery, Liu seems to argue that everyone in the country should take on the burden of "white guilt," with the federal government redistributing Americans' wealth, forcing integration, and promoting blacks in the Ivy League.