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Sarah Palin has declared a Facebook fatwa against journalist Joe McGinnis, who moved in next door to her in Wasilla to get information for his new book on the former governor.

When a source told Joe McGinniss that he could rent the house next to Sarah Palin's Wasilla, Alaska, home, the author was sold.

A room at the Best Western, not far away, would have been prohibitively expensive. The landlord of this house, meanwhile, offered it to McGinniss for $1,500 per month after a friend of the author recommended him as a solid alternative to the other people asking about the property...

What happened next, said McGinniss, came as a total surprise. He had planned to keep the news off the Internet and tell the Palins himself that he'd be their neighbor as he wrapped up his biography of the former governor.

McGinniss had written a Portfolio piece about her leadership, and a critical Daily Beast piece on her book tour for her memoir, "Going Rogue," but he hoped to keep things civil and introduce himself anew to Palin and her husband, Todd.

"'I wanted to say, 'I'm writing this book, but I hope we can just get along as good neighbors, and after that, you'll never hear from me again,'" said McGinniss. "That's basically what I told Todd on Monday when he came over. He didn't really want to hear that.

"He took off on how my Portfolio piece was a bunch of lies, and a smear, and all this and all that, and he said, 'You going to be putting the microphones in now, and the surveillance cameras?' I said, 'Listen, you don't know how lucky you are that I'm renting this place because that's exactly what's not going to happen as long as I'm here. I won't see you, you don't see me, this will be fine.' He talked for a few more minutes beyond that, and he got, I'd say, increasingly hostile. And then he left, and I was still out here on this deck, where I'm sitting right now, when they took that picture for Facebook."

After that happened, McGinniss -- who is hoping to finish his local research for the book by Labor Day -- became the target of fury from Palin fans. After radio host Mark Levin gave out the author's e-mail address, McGinniss got 5000 messages in four hours, eventually shutting down the account. Wasilla police and state troopers are keeping a watchful eye on the place, although McGinniss said no one had come to the house to threaten him on Friday. He simply didn't anticipate the scale of Palin's response.

McGinnis may be lying about his pure intentions, but it doesn't matter. Nobody would have a problem with him staying at a motel around Palin’s house to talk to the people she’s lived and grown up with.  I fail to see why moving in next door is that much worse.  He’s completely free to do so and I don’t even mind the guy sitting on the porch and seeing who’s coming in and out of the Palin house; any citizen standing on the street has the same right.  There’s no evidence that McGinnis has done anything unethical, yet Palin all but accuses him of stalking her children.

What’s infuriating about Barracuda and her marching morons is how the leader wants to have it both ways.  Palin claims that her disabled son gives her motivation to be an advocate for the handicapped and has her oldest daughter walk around holding up her own bastard child up like it’s some kind of a trophy and at the same time demands that the world leave her children alone.  She wants to make millions as a public figure and then has a panic attack when a journalist moves in next door.  None of this matters to the simpletons that make up the ex-governor’s fan base.  Their emotional connection to her stems from the rush they get seeing someone no smarter than themselves taken seriously as a political figure.

On an unrelated Palin note, I was amused by something she said while reacting to the Rand Paul brouhaha.

One thing that we can learn in this lesson that I have learned, and Rand Paul is learning now, is don't assume that you can engage in a hypothetical discussion about constitutional impacts with a reporter or a media personality who has an agenda.

This woman is completely delusional.  Paul got in trouble for consistently applying his political philosophy.  And he has a political philosophy because he’s a smart and intellectually curious man who reads.  In what interview was Palin “engage[d] in a hypothetical discussion about constitutional impacts”?  When she couldn’t name a single Supreme Court case besides Roe Vs. Wade that she disagreed with?  Or when she couldn’t name a single newspaper she reads?  Does she lack self-awareness to the point that she thinks her troubles with Katy Couric were over ideological differences?

Though I appreciate the contempt she has and shows for the liberal establishment, conservatism will get nowhere as long those who have brains lack courage and the only few with courage lack brains.