District of Corruption

Making Nice with "The Evil Party"

Readers of The Drudge Report might conclude that America’s prominent Catholics leaders are heading an anti-Obama revolution.

The reality is that outside the recent contraception controversy, these same people have marched lock-step with the president’s agenda, as well as that of “The Evil Party.”

Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, called Alabama’s anti-illegal-immigration law (HB 56) “morally reprehensible.” Joseph McFadden, the Bishop of Harrisburg, upped the ante. McFadden, who plans to celebrate Mass in Spanish, told his flock that embracing the growing immigrant Latino community was an opportunity for everyone to enrich their lives: “It’s not a matter of saying ‘Welcome to God’s house.’ We have to allow ourselves to see them not as strangers, but as brothers and sisters.”

McFadden also called the state of immigration laws in this country a “crime,” as well as ineffective. He said the church would work toward pushing legislation that would help illegal immigrants: “The church doesn't want to encourage people to break the laws, but we have to realize that the law is broken.”

It should also be pointed out that the general tendency for Catholic schools to be enthusiastic supporters of “voucher” programs (such as the one introduced in Pennsylvania) will most likely lead to countless more contraception scandals. Such programs, which allow low-income students to attend private schools at tax-payer expense, are often portrayed as “free-market solutions”; in fact, they are schemes whereby private schools can gain access to government money. Funding always has strings attached, and schools shouldn't be surprised when the government feels it has the right to intervene in their internal affairs.