District of Corruption

House Slaves


By now all who are interested have read that so-called satirical work of Mark Williams, which got him in hot water, not only with the usual suspects on the left but with his own Tea Party crowd. His "Letter to Lincoln," as has been pointed out by his own compatriots, was downright shallow. A commenter on the Radio Patriot blog correctly assessed it as being severely overwritten, while it soon took on the tone of kicking a dead horse. No wonder the black-led Tea Party "Federation" was able to score points.

What is so disheartening about people like Mark Williams is that they have imbibed every cliché taught them by the Left, and yet they call themselves "conservative."  For instance, his notions about the early NAACP and its origins, and of W.E.B. Du Bois, is boilerplate propaganda. He has obviously consecrated this history, as it was taught to him.  He writes on his blog:

W.E.B. DuBois never intended the organization to work against civil rights and use the government as an extortionist for favored social classes.  The difference between then and now is that DuBois knew real racism first hand. He also knew the power of government to perpetuate and enforce that racism.

Williams knows nothing about the initial creators and founders of the NAACP, most of whom were socialist Jews.  Du Bois was a later entry into the group.  The Dapper Dan Du Bois, more culturally white than anything else, already held a Harvard PhD in 1890, and traveled in social circles unknown to most blacks. This is what made especially contemptible his opposition to Booker T. Washington's determination to help the poorest and lowest blacks elevate themselves.  Here was Du Bois, a professed Communist, and yet Williams babbles on about how Du Bois would look at government. How idiotic is that?

And many blacks are laughing their heads off at this comment:  "Jealous and his cronies would be set upon by the original NAACP founders and run out [of] the organization ..."  Benjamin Jealous is exactly the type for whom the NAACP was founded and is following in the footsteps of all the chiefs who preceded him. It is his mentality that was sought by Julian Bond, when the time came to pick a new organization director.

But, of course, like most whites, Mark Williams would not want his little world disturbed by such "revisionist" history.

Thomas Sowell once explained why whites accepted the rule of the NAACP in the first place, instead of taking into account the differences between the many contending groups and philosophies then prevailing regarding the future of blacks.  Sowell claimed that people normally just want to get on with their lives and not be bothered with sorting out truths and other finer points involved in complicated issues.

Mark Williams also goes on to explain his farcical take on the word "colored," by castigating the NAACP for using such a term.  Yet, the only reason that the word "colored" has been tinged with the charge of "racism" is because the left/multiculturalists discovered that they could make Whitey jump through hoops by denigrating any term they choose, and claiming that a new one is in order.  There was no ignominy attached to the word when ordinary blacks used it to refer to themselves. It is only when the clever elites learned that they could use it as yet another bludgeon against whites, along with a host of other words and terminologies, that it was given a "racist" meaning.

I was hoping that Mark Williams might be The One who would stand up and make some kind of sense. But, as might have been expected, he turns out to be just another disappointment.