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Has Sharron Angle Gone WN?

Republicans are usually terrible when it comes to the lowest common denominators of politics.  They are terrified by the idea of sticking up for the racial group that composes their electoral base and prefer speaking in terms of abstract concepts ("values," "freedom") instead of friend and enemy.

Sharron Angle has broken the rules. 

Predictably, Establishment types have compared the ad to the the infamous "Willie Horton" spot from 1988, which has become quasi-mythical in liberals' minds as Republican racial propaganda. The truth is, Angle's latest is far more radical than "Horton"; the latter pictured an isolated dangerous Black man whom a bleeding-heart liberal had let out of prison on weekends; Angle's ad depicts mass immigration in terms of "Us vs. Them," with the "Them" controlled and patronized by a sociopathic, hostile elite. 

I hope that populist discourse will continue to get out of hand.