District of Corruption

Fighting Terror Means Picking on the Low IQ

About six months ago after a “terror plot” was foiled, I wrote,

The recent arrest of a recent suspected terrorist, his dad and another man reminded me of something I’ve always wondered about.  Every so often since 9/11 we hear of a person or group being arrested for some kind of terrorist plot.  But there are never any successful attacks in America.  The only one I can think of since the twin towers is the black Muslim who shot two at a military recruitment center in Arkansas.  But the number of suspected terrorist arrested in the last eight years seems endless...

I remember that during the 1990s when kids were shooting up schools every few years or so there weren’t tens of unsuccessful plots for every one carried out.  A student killing his classmates and then himself seemed far more common than a plot to do so being discovered.  So my question is this-if kids who want to kill people and don’t care if they die can often get away with committing mass murder in their schools then why can’t Muslims, who want to die and have the whole country as a target, do so?  And how is the government able to catch so many terrorists?

I then went on to theorize that if must be that either our government is super competent and benevolent or these terror cases are a fraud.


I didn’t know at the time that there was a story published in The Village Voice in July 09 which confirmed my suspicion that the state is not omnipotent.  It’s about a Pakistani named Shahed Hussain who was caught taking driver’s license exams for other immigrants.  In exchange for leniency and not being deported, he became an FBI informant and started prowling Mosques for low IQ victims he could entrap.  He finally found one man that he worked on for a year and convinced the mark to loan him $50,000, supposedly to assassinate Pakistani president at the time Pervez Musharraf.  The mark kept telling Hussain that he didn’t believe in terrorism and wanted nothing to do with his plans, but needed money and was finally overwhelmed by the informant’s stronger will.  Under Islamic law, the deal needed a witness so they went to the imam at the local mosque, who oversaw the transaction and printed up receipts.  Both the imam and the lender ended up getting fifteen years in prison.

After this, Hussain moved on to four black Muslims.  He would pay their rent and buy them food and cell phones, offer to pay medical bills and give them cars.  Some of them were so annoyed by their new overeager Pakistani friend that they would hide from him when he came around, but Hussain harassed his victims for a year until they agreed to plant what they thought were explosives in a few synagogues.  Among the arrested was a crack addict described as “mildly retarded.”  About another, a girlfriend said that he never mentioned Afghanistan and  “just liked to work and play video games and smoke a little weed.”

First they came for the Muslims... This month Washington needed a great white defendant and so they found some “Christian fundamentalists” to round up.  According to The New York Times,

Mark Potok, who leads a program that tracks right-wing groups for the Southern Poverty Law Center, said it first took note of the Hutaree last year amid a surge in new “Patriot” movement groups, race-based hate groups, extremist anti-immigrant groups, Christian militants and other variations.

“We’re seeing all kinds of radical right-wing groups grow very rapidly, especially in the militia world,” Mr. Potok said.

The indictment said the Hutaree, in anticipation of a war against its enemies, had been engaging in “military-style training,” from weapons proficiency drills to “close quarter battle drills” and the use of “ambush kill zones.” The small group had acquired guns, ammunition, medical supplies, uniforms, communications equipment and “explosives and other components for destructive devices,” it said.

After attacking the police, the members planned to retreat to several planned “rally points” and wait for the authorities to come after them. They were preparing fighting positions as well as “trip-wired and command-detonated” bombs, it said.

It probably went something like this...

FBI Informant: ZOG is coming!  We have to fight back!

Simple bumpkin: Gee, I don’t know...

FBI Informant: We must act now!  Jon Smith on Maple Street is a cop.  They’re the foot soldiers of the NWO.

Simple bumpkin:  You mean the wrestlers?

FBI Informant:  No, no, no.  I mean the agents of ZOG.  We need to take him out.

Simple bumpkin: Um, what?

FBI Informant: Yes, that’s what we’ll do.  And then we can bomb his funeral!  And then hide out in the woods until they come for us!  We’ll fight to the last man.

Simple bumpkin: <suppressing a laugh>  Um, ok man.  Just let me know when you’ve got this all planned.

FBI Informant: Deal, see you tomorrow.

<Simple bumpkin goes inside, tells him wife about this weirdo he just met.  The next day, the FBI comes, takes Simple bumpkin away and throws him in a hole to die.  FBI Informant's handler gets a medal, the Department of Homeland Security issues a statement showing appreciation for those protecting our freedoms.>