District of Corruption


The waning days of Democratic control of the District of Corruption have actually been rather surprising. I generally expect nothing good to come out Washington, which means that I’m never disappointed. Though in the case of the “DREAM Act” going down in defeat, I’m positively overjoyed.

We shouldn’t forget, however, that the anti-Amnesty crowd is essentially putting a finger in the dyke. In 2010, the majority of births in the United States were to non-White mothers. Even if all immigration, legal and illegal, were cut off tomorrow, the much touted “2050” date, when American Whites will become just another ethnic minority, would merely be postponed, not cancelled. The immigration restriction crowd—which acts independently of the conservative movement, I should point out—has effectively taken its stand: no major illegal immigrant amnesty will be passed in the coming two-to-four years. That’s undoubtedly a good thing. Though the reality is that far more radical measures will have to been taken if America is to remain anything resembling an Anglo-Saxon, “Western” nation-state...

Just as the DREAM died, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is set for repeal. The end of DADT is a kind of milestone in the slow, relentless ratcheting up of anti-traditionalist “liberalism.” The same groups, indeed, many of the same people (Joe Lieberman, most noticeably) who once argued that DADT was a necessary, reasonable comprise, now depict it as “un-American" and cruel. (We should expect exactly the same process to take place with "civil unions.")

As someone who believes that homosexuality is, in part, genetically determined, I think DADT is a suitable compromise for the military—and society at large. Some things are better not spoken of. And society would be healthier without both moral crusaders who want to “save” gays and the utterly repulsive “out” homosexuals of the Perez Hilton variety. Silence on the homosexual question (by both homosexuals and normal people alike) is the best way of containing the homosexual phenomena, which, without question, has culturally destructive effects.

And I have no doubt that the decent homosexual people in the military who decide to “come out” after the passage of the bill will be substantially outnumbered by those who join the military with the express purpose of transforming it into a polymorphously perverse freak show.

At any rate, I am far more offended by the prospect of women in combat than by gays serving openly.