District of Corruption

Cracking the Code


As we’ve all been told, when someone talks about Barack Obama’s birth certificate, he’s really talking about race. Apparently, even when a life-long Manhattanite billionaire who gets invited to Davos talks about the birth certificate, he’s really talking about race. (At the very least, he’s trying to rile up the racist boobs.)

I don’t completely disagree with this interpretation of the so-called “Birther” movement—a name, by the way, that was coined by the pro-Obama media to associate the issue with the John Birch Society (“Birchers”) of yesteryear, whose leader speculated that Eisenhower was a Communist.

Obama stands as visual reminder to White, Christian Americans of their creeping suspicion that they’ve lost control of their country. In reality, the Majority hasn’t had a country for a long time, though with Obama, it’s obvious. When Southern WASPs were in the White House, it wasn’t.

Disallowed by the media and their political and religious leaders to articulate the terms of their own dispossession, the Majority begins to imagine that Obama is . . .  a Muslim . . .  a foreigner . . .  a usurper or Manchurian candidate of some sort. (And is it really outrageous to ask whether someone named Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim?)

This is not to say that Birtherism is all false consciousness. “They” have something on everyone and perhaps this is what they’ve got on Obama. And it’s also not to say that Jerome Corsi hasn’t uncovered compelling evidence that there’s more to Obama’s early years then he’s letting on, or that Donald Trump isn’t genuinely concerned with the matter and not just trying to rile up the boobs.

But race is what Birtherism is about. The issue itself wouldn’t exist without the factor of Obama’s Kenyan father and his ungovernable mother who went on a variable Third-World Muslim love tour in birthing and rearing the future president.

Even the secondary “Birther” issue that Donald Trump has raised recently regarding Obama’s academic record is, at the end of the day, about race. As Trump relates,

I heard he was a terrible student. Not like OK, I heard he was a bad student.

How does a bad student then go to Columbia and then go to Harvard? How does this happen?

How Obama got to Harvard—and how his wife got to Princeton—is affirmative action. I doubt there’s any smoking gun in Obama’s academic records, but the whole matter is indicative of the fact that Obama has been promoted since birth (wherever that may have been) well beyond his talent by powerful White liberals. The president hasn’t “overcome” his lowly, African/half-breed identity; he has used it to advance himself. Indeed, he would be nothing without it.

And there’s another element to this matter.

First thing on Wednesday morning, Trump took credit for forcing Obama to release his records, as he should: Birtherism has been around since 2008, but when Trump started talking about it a month ago, it metastasized. More specifically, people of authority began talking about it, or at least began to notdenounce it: on Easter Sunday, Franklin Graham (son of Billy) expressed doubts about the president’s authenticity; Sean Hannity and other conservatives said that Trump’s questions were legitimate and that the burden was on Obama to put the matter to rest; a presidential candidate even claimed to be agnostic on the issue.

Trump changed the game. Things that were unmentionable were up for discussion.

There are, of course, some things that remain unmentionable. It’s worth noting that however indignant liberals like Chris Matthews get over Birtherism, they still let Trump talk about it. If Trump had dabbled in... say... racial differences in intelligence instead, he would have been loudly condemned by both sides and dis-invited from all television interviews. Put another way, even if liberals might hate Birtherism, they will allow it to be discussed precisely because they think it’s ridiculous and thus harmless.

To understand my point, take, for instance, the case of the colorful conspiracy theorist David Icke.


Icke (pronounced “Ike”) says many of the same things about the Federal Reserve System and mass media as does Alex Jones. Icke also claims that the people really running the world aren’t central bankers or the Illuminati but shape-shifting reptilian aliens from the constellation Draco.

Throughout his career, many have speculated that “shape-shifting reptilian aliens from the constellation Draco” is code for “Jews.” This suggestion actually led the Canadian border authorities, at the behest of the Canadian Jewish Congress, to deny Icke entry to the country for a scheduled lecture.

Icke was given free entry, however, once it was discovered that his theories weren’t anti-Semitic but merely preposterous. As the Guardianreports, “Finally, after four hours of questioning, [the border authorities] concluded that when David Icke said lizards, lizards was what he meant."

If Icke suggests that Jews hold a disproportionate amount of power in America’s media and political establishments, and that Washington’s foreign policy is informed by this fact—a view which, I believe, is held by the majority of educated people on Earth—than Icke is deemed a dangerous radical who must be prevented from setting foot in Canada. If, on the other hand, he’s discovered to be a queer, perhaps lunatic, man who writes about bizarre fantasies, then he finds a place in Canada’s managed multiculti paradise.

It’s hard not to conclude that Donald Trump is allowed to talk about the birth certificate precisely because, no matter how “implicitly racist” it might get, it remains a distraction that doesn’t in the least threaten what, for brevity’s sake, I’ll call The System. Even if Birtherism were taken to its ultimate conclusion and a Constitutional crisis ensued leading to Obama’s impeachment, little to nothing about our world would fundamentally change.

But what if someone were to say something “crazy” that actually cut to the bone of the current political and social order... What if, say, a respected, successful man—maybe Trump is up for the task?—were to state unequivocally what Sam Francis uttered at the 1994 American Renaissance conference:

The civilization that we as whites created in Europe and America could not have developed apart from the genetic endowments of the creating people, nor is there any reason to believe that the civilization can be successfully transmitted to a different people.

Someone of stature came close to doing just this in 2007 when James Watson, the co-discoverer of the structure of DNA, announced his “gloomy” attitude towards economic development in Africa because most all social policies are based on egalitarian assumptions. Liberals—who usually profess to be the great defenders of science against knuckle-dragging Creationists—took no time in denouncing and shunning one of the most famous scientists in the world; in a swift, unanimous, and coordinated action, they effectively expelled Watson from polite society. The reason is that even if couched in wonkish and scientific terms, Watson had said something dangerous.

Birtherism is an interesting phenomenon, and parts of it might even be true. But until a Donald Trump stands up and defines the terms in which America’s historic majority is being dispossessed, he might as well be conversing about lizards.