District of Corruption

Christine O'Donnell is YOU

I vowed to stop blogging about Christine O'Donnell... but the Delaware senate hopeful's latest video demands comment. 

Eschewing the "What can gummit do for you?" promises of demagogues, Christine tells Delaware, simply, "I AM YOU." The main criteria for her being the voters seems to be that she's manifestly incompetent and has said embarrassing things in the past. (And truly, I can't imagine Christine actually "trading favors," "making backroom deals," or discovering how to profit in any way from her time in Washington were she to win.)

Regardless, the idea that voters might want to elect someone, say, better than the average Delawarean appears to be anathema in our democratic age.  We should, indeed, thank Christine for advancing democratic discourse by revealing the true nature of contemporary democracy. Forget about things like the "popular will." The tacit assumption is that no one wants a candidate to actually change political reality -- the complex of laws, regulations, cash flows, taxes, mores, expectations, memes, and much else that go under the heading "The System." An American just wants someone putatively in charge of it all who "looks a lot like me" or, in the case of Obama, "looks like America."  "I'm you" is the movement conservative version of Obama's "You are the change you've been waiting for."  

And wasn't it Christine who warned us against the dangers of self-gratification?