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Cain's Palin Moment

Herman Cain had something like a “Palin moment” in an interview released yesterday by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

According to his campaign, he was going on little sleep… Jet-lagged or not, it’s obvious that Cain was ignorant of the most basic facts regarding Washington’s latest foreign intervention. But who could blame him? One gets the sense that, much as with his time spent on the Federal Reserve Board—and much as with the many Blacks appointed as CEOs to fulfill Rainbow quotas in the new South Africa—Cain has come a long way repeating mindless catchphrases that White people like to hear.

There’s also no reason to believe that a revelation that the candidate knows precious little about world affairs will derail the Cain phenomenon—which is much bigger than details like whom Washington was fighting in its last war. 

Matt Parrott:

The insecure and self-conscious Whites fear that their own animosity towards Obama might be racist—but Cain’s animosity can’t be . . . because he’s Black! The Tea Party’s cardinal agenda is to thwart ongoing efforts by Cosmic America to redistribute White America’s wealth and privilege: It’s integrally racist and pro-White. Cain absolves White America of the dissonance they’ve been trained to experience when taking their own side in a fight . . . because he’s Black!