We Are the Vanguard!


It’s that time of year again! The Christmas season—when we poor writers and activists congregate outside your window, press our noses up against the glass, and ask if the master might spare a tax-deductible twopence.

Around a year ago, when I first conceived, I had no illusions that, put bluntly, the thing might not work. Would there be an audience for this kind of commentary? Might we be taking on too many enemies—slaughtering the sacred cows of Diversity and attacking “mainstream” conservatives head-on? Could a site stay afloat relying on small donations from readers? All reasonable questions.

Well, maintaining the website has been a struggle—and there are certainly better ways of getting rich than becoming a far Right polemicist; however, I can report unequivocally—to readers who’ve given $20 or $2000—that is here to stay. (And, indeed, I will be announcing shortly some exciting ways in which we will expand in the near future.)

According to GoogleAnlytics (which is a real tally, not an estimate),

  • Close to a quarter of a million individual readers from around the world have visited, 70 percent of whom have returned to our site—astonishing for the web.
  • Approximately 45,000 individual people visit the site at least 10 times per year, with some 12,000 hardcore fans visiting 200+ times per annum!
  • Over 30,000 AltRight Radio podcasts have been downloaded.

Not surprising, the majority of readers are from the “Anglosphere”; however, it’s intriguing to see the intense response to AltRight in places like Germany and Scandinavia. We can build on a foundation like this.

But growing is only possible with your assistance.

My model for AltRight has always been not to rely on a single Generous Benefactor, but instead to convince thousands of readers to engage with the project and give us 20, 50, or 100 bucks each year. I have, of course, been informed by many that this is unworkable, that the web is an anonymous, short-attention span, “moving on” world where everyone expects content to be free etc. (This is, of course, largely true.)

But AltRight readers do give to the website, because, I suspect, they recognize two important things.

First, unlike the heaps of interchangeable “conservative” websites out there, AltRight is truly unique and indispensable. There is no other site doing what we do and publishing the stuff we publish.

Secondly, it is in the "alternative Right" writ large—the Sailer-sphere, VDARE, AmRen, The Occidental Observer and other places—that genuinely daring and groundbreaking ideas are being generated and tested.

The Left likes to imagine itself as “speaking truth to power” and living life on the vanguard. In reality, the Left is the Establishment, and its central ideas of egalitarianism and “liberation” have sunk to the status of conventional wisdom.

Groups like FrumForum, the SPLC, and other authorities on “hate speech” violations, like to depict us as bitter old lunatics nostalgic for the Bad Old Days. In truth, we are the vanguard. They are the “conservatives” in the worst sense of the word—desperately holding on to an ever-untenable status quo.

I ultimately can’t tell you why you should part with your hard-earned money and give it to a fledgling webzine. I can tell you, however, why I get up every morning to write and edit.

Certainly many have asked me why I’d squander my advantages in life and create enemies by writing about things that are “divisive” and “dangerous.” (Wouldn’t it be better to keep one’s head down, voice the opinions of the Republican Party, and hope for a secure gig at The Weekly Standard? There’s no need to bring up any of that unpleasant stuff.)

Racial replacement and mass immigration; Western identity; the bankruptcy of the American empire, state, and democracy; the corruption and debasement of popular culture and religion; the feminization of Western males; and, most fundamentally, the social engineering of what Nietzsche called The Last Man, the being that sees no need for a spiritual realm beyond ballgames, shopping sprees, theme parks, and reliable unemployment insurance. These issues are “divisive” and “dangerous” precisely because they represent the battlefields where the real ideological war is taking place.

It might be more convenient for conservatives to talk about lowering the marginal tax rate or archaic quibbles of yesteryear. But as Roger Devlin wrote not too long ago, one cannot always pick and choose the “where”:

Those traditional conservatives who continue to admonish us against the dangers of “biological determinism” are increasingly condemning themselves to irrelevance. The plea that “race isn’t everything” is valid per se, but not especially germane to the situation in which we find ourselves. For we are not the aggressors in the battle now being fought. And in any battle, it is the aggressors’ prerogative to choose the point of attack: if they come at you by land, you do not have the option of fighting them at sea.

Race is everything to our enemies, and it is the angle from which they have chosen to attack our entire civilization. It is also where they have achieved their greatest victories…

I ask you to join us in this fight.

Yours truly,

Richard Spencer