The Future of AltRight


I'm certainly humbled when people I admire, like John Derbyshire and Peter Brimelow, have nice things to say about But I must admit, I really get a kick out of being attacked by the neocon smear-bund and self-appointed Thought Police. And AltRight hadn't been online for a week before such people were shrieking that something wicked this way came. "[R]eactionary," "extreme Right," given to "ideas the right largely exorcised fifty years ago" were what FrumForum had to say. A "community organizer" from Chicago appeared on the Laura Ingraham Show and asserted that AltRight is worse than the Tea Parties!

Our enemies usually get the details wrong, or just make them up, and I don't think they understand "radical traditionalism" in the slightest. But I do think that these attacks mean we're doing something right.

Put simply, the Establishment expects conservative to behave. We don't.

I can say without any hesitation that discussions like these aren't happening within the mainstream Right -- and if it weren't for these independent voices willing to risk career, life, and limb, they wouldn't be happening at all.

To be honest, when I first launched AltRight, I didn't think it would catch on so quickly -- and evoke so much ire. I had counted on a "soft launch" with a couple hundred friends and allies reading it. We'd grow from there. (Granted, this had a lot to do with the fact that my entire PR budget was ... well ... nothing.)

Something quite different occurred, of course.

During our first six weeks, AltRight has had over 100,000 visitors and well over 350,000 page views. According to -- the gold standard in traffic estimates -- we have a ranking at or above various "alternative" conservative magazines that have been around for years and have much larger staffs. These aren't HuffPo numbers, of course, but it's a start.

According to GoogleAnalytics (which is a real number, not an estimate), we have a core audience of over 9,000 people who visit two to five times per week. Within in this circle, there are 3,000 superfans who visit over 100 times per month! Our Facebook page and comments boards also speak to how readers engage with our content and identify with our goals and worldview.

Another statistic I find quite important is that the average readers spends over 6 minutes at AltRight -- an eternity in the short-attention interwebs in which average page views are measured in fractions of a second.

To sum up, AltRight has an audience, it's growing, and we're here to stay.

Which bring me to the occasion for this article -- shameless pleading for money.

I was able to secure vital start-up funds early on from some generous patrons, and once we launched, many of you put in your 20, 50, 100, 500 bucks, which was much appreciated! (Indeed, if you've already given, you can stop reading this pitch here, count yourself among the elite, and start looking down contemptuously at more stingy AltRight readers.) It's worth noting that our contributor base has room to grow as less than one percent of our core readership has stepped up to the plate.


* *

* * *

Recently, something very special happened. I was approached by a wealthy benefactor, a great man of the old conservative movement, and he has given me a "challenge grant" of $50,000. Put simply, if I can raise 50 grand, he'll match it.

At AltRight, our overhead is quite low, almost non-existent. One day, it might be fun to hire beautiful secretaries and rent an office in a shinny high-rise. But until that decadent period arrives, we don't bother with a secretary, a brick-and-mortar office, or any of that stuff. The bookkeeping nitty-gritty is done by me, or else outsourced. Put simply, when you give us, say, 20 bucks, you can be confident that just about every cent of it will be spent on content and personnel. A hundred grand can buy quite a few great blogs and articles, and, indeed, I'd feel secure for the upcoming year.

And the burden I'm asking you to bear is light.

Factoring in the money I've already raised, if every person who visits five times per week gives a mere 2 dollars (!), then we'd reach our goal immediately and it'd be smooth sailing; I wouldn't bother our readers with any more fundraising until the Non-Denominational Holiday Season.

Now, I certainly recognize that many people's portfolios have taken big hits over the past two years, and you've just paid taxes, but I'm asking for a modest sum -- and less than you might be spending on things that are rather culturally destructive, like cable television.

Big donors are great. But my dream is to fund AltRight through tens of thousands of readers putting in their 20 or 100 bucks.

To give, just click the "Support AltRight" button on the right-hand side of the page. You can contribute through PayPal or with a credit card, and the whole process should take less than five minutes.

As I'm sure you can imagine, we'll have tons of readers who will genuinely intend to give ... but then just don't get around to actually doing it. So, think of it this way, if you're a self-starter, pitch in your 25, 50, or 100 dollars, or whatever you can afford, and rest assured that you're picking up the slack for your well-intentioned but procrastinating comrades who will, no doubt, put off donating indefinitely. If you're wealthy, then throw in 1K and rest assured that it'll be doubled by our benefactor.

All donations over $250 pass through the VDARE Foundation and are fully tax-deductible.

I would, of course, rather get back to writing and editing and stop pestering our readership about donations. But it's necessity that we work together on this one. And, as we're all aware, the stakes are high.

Yours truly,

P.S. If you'd like to talk to me about the direction of AltRight, feel free to email.