Hearts and Minds


I wish AltRight readers all the best in the New Year—may your victories be glorious and may your enemies retreat in shame and humiliation!

Fundraising is definitely not my favorite activity—but it’s a necessary one.

Alex and I—and, I presume, all AltRight writers—don’t do it for the money. And that’s a good thing, of course, because opinion making isn’t particularly lucrative, especially when you’re on the lunatic fringe. And we’d all probably continue to scribble even if confined to the poor house or some SPLC sensitivity center.

But if you take the time to read AltRight everyday, you recognize the importance of the existence of a site like this—one that’s edited, attractive, and professional; one that brings together established writers—like Paul Gottfried, Peter Brimelow, James Kalb, Kevin MacDonald, and Christian Kopff—as well as young voices that are getting published for the first time; and, most of all, one that articulates the unspeakable in today’s stifling politically correct environment.

AltRight is also a site where feedback is valued. Sure, many of the comments attached to posts are, shall we say, baffling.  But then many are perceptive, important additions to the articles to which they're attached. Indeed, we’ve had comments that have inspired new essays. Besides being a magazine, AltRight acts as an important forum for us, a place for us to congregate and meet new allies.

Alex and I have been talking extensively about the direction we’d like to take AltRight in the coming year, and we’re both dedicated to putting a greater emphasis on culture, high and popular.

We’re not in this profession to report on the goings-on of stupid politicians, or engage in endless spats with our virtual enemies in the interwebs.

We’re in this to change hearts and minds. (We’re like the Pentagon in this way…) One of the best ways to expand our audience—and make opinions—is to discuss seriously film, music, books, technology, and culture. Yes, often we’ll complain about how bad it all is, but we’ll also promote those who are forging alternative cultures, and point out those times when the mainstream, despite itself, produces work that’s genuinely radically traditionalist.

Talking about culture in this way can be a more effective means of reaching those who are on the “alt right” but don’t know it yet than writing articles on Schopenhauer. (But don’t worry—we still plan to publish articles on Schopenhauer!)

This is only possible with your help.

If you’re in this to change hearts and minds—if you want to radically reconstitute Western society, and not just nip around the edges—then there’s probably no more effective way of accomplishing this than donating, tax-deductibly, to

Alex and I work from home offices, without secretaries, and we create our graphics and handle all the book-keepings ourselves. Put simply, if you give one dollar to AltRight, you can be confident that almost every cent of it will be invested in personnel and content.

In its ten-month existence, hundreds of thousands of unique visitors around the world have downloaded some three million pages of AltRight material. And it’s all done on a shoestring.

When I first conceived AltRight’s 2011 fundraising initiative, my idea was that it’d be… “democratic.” We’d have tens of thousands of people each give $5 a piece. Well, we certainly have received many small donations—and that’s a good thing. I was touched the other day when I receive a $100 donation from a full-time student—as I know that this is quite a meaningful gift for him.

That said, my “democratic” dreams were a bit naïve: for the brunt of the fundraising has been made up by a handful of readers—whom I’ve never met before, and many of whom reside outside the U.S.—who’ve stepped up and given gifts of thousands of dollars a piece.

If you have the means, I hope you’ll rise to the occasion, too.

Best wishes for the New Year!

Richard Spencer