Alex Kurtagic Joins AltRight

It’s with great pleasure that I announce that beginning in January, Alex Kurtagic will join as my partner and co-editor. Alex is, of course, no stranger to AltRight readers, as his articles have been defining documents for the webzine’s image (not to mention some of the most widely read pieces over the past year.) Alex has an ability to write perceptively on a wide variety of issues, including culture, politics, ideology, and economics—not to mention the subject for which he’s probably best known, Black Metal. Alex is an entrepreneur, publisher, producer, and novelist, and I’m very pleased to now call him my colleague.

I’ve long thought it important for the alt right (writ large) to not only give “our take” on the passing news items of the day but to—more radically—develop a culture and meta-politics of our own. Few are as well suited to this task as Alex.


* * *


I trust that Alex will be a welcome addition for AltRight readers. I trust as well that you will appreciate the importance of supporting our fundraising campaign. Alex, myself—and everyone else who writes for AltRight—don’t do it to get rich. But put simply, this website needs money to survive.

According to GoogleAnalytics, we have thousands and thousands of readers who log on to some 100 times per year (!). Why don’t all of our most dedicated readers contribute what you’d otherwise spend on a night out drinking, your monthly cable bill, or a trip to the movie theater and push us over the top. We could soon be done with all this unpleasant fundraising business and all take a sigh of relief!